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Eyes that don't see,
eyes that no longer cry,
Eyes in the distance,
they drink the horizon.

A crossroads of looks

through the stone hollow,

through the soul hole.

A gaze that ceases to be gaze

to become thought.

A dialogue between today, yesterday and tomorrow.

A time that you do not have hours.

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To be and not to feel,

dream and live.

The dream of a yesterday full of desire,

the dream of a tomorrow full of love.

A shadow that shelters,

a light that dazzles,

and it projects infinitely.

Longing for the felt,

hope to feel.

A beam that extends infinitely,

and vanishes from the hand of time.

Shadows that lengthen in the night of pain.

That place, that song,

that smell, that kiss ...

In the end, all Anhelo.

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