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_ A faraway gaze from the hand of time _


It is not always easy to notice the difference between thinking and looking through the window. The act of looking through the window and not noticing what we see is a thoughtful and solitary exercise, and also one of the forms of melancholy.

The act of looking out the window is linked to the human condition. All of us have remained in this introspective and necessary state many times, in which our eyes look outside but do not see what is happening, they do not realize what is in front of them, but they go deep inside us, in our mind, in a journey that brings with it memories of a lost past, but also hope, illusions and dreams to fulfill, desires to feel, because the act of looking through the window is at the same time past, present and future.

Excess and containment is the game proposed by Anhelo FW 18. A game of contrast between front and back. Folds and elements increased in scale contrast with clean and minimalist lines creating a formal and clean style despite the excess used.

Sculptural volumes inspired by the architecture of the window and the sinuousness of the curtains are materialized through a studied pattern making as a result a wide silhouette that fades the waist and hip and is accentuated in the shoulders, high collars to the box, and adjusted arms, which hey maintain a shy, naive and sophisticated femininity at the same time.

Warm materials and natural fibers, winter feeling and comfortable. On the one hand, wool, in 100% merino wool felts, knitted by hand and crepe. On the other, cotton, in gabardine, twill and voile fabric.

The window as a conceptual element of the collection, unfolds its shapes, using lights and shadows imitating the effect of light that light produces when it hits a surface. It is printed on the garments and its light colors the hours. The passing of time materializes in color and print. Each garment is a piece of time. A time that remains immortal and paralyzed.

The grays of the faint light of dawn and the shadows of the sill vegetation are followed by the intense and incident light of midday with its vibrant yellows, which become the decadent reddish light cast by the Venetians at dusk and flow into the night darker tinted with cold green and intense blue, only illuminated by the polka dots that the streetlights project through the blinds.

Anhelo, refers to the lack and therefore the desire to feel again, or to feel something new, alludes to illusion, dreams, but also to a past full of longing and melancholy. Anhelo is a faraway gaze from the hand of time.

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