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Úrde Studio was created in 2016 as a space for personal creative manifesto by the designer Javier González.

A space for multidisciplinary design with Fashion as an articulating element. Blurring the borders between the different disciplines of design, experimenting with the arts or exploring the limits of creativity, find their place in this project.

ÚRDE conceives fashion as a blank canvas for the development of creative concepts and experimentation. Fashion endowed with thought and aimed at a truly avid audience.

The firm is committed to Made in Spain, highlighting local good work, crafts and product quality.

ÚRDE is sensitivity, concept and soul. It is a passion for details, reflected in limited productions or even unique garments that claim authenticity and genuineness.


"I understand fashion as one more channel where we can develop and transmit creative ideas. Fashion should be a space that generates culture, experiences. That with each garment you can take the creative soul of the collection, pieces with a great conceptual charge, capable of generating a spark of thought. ”

Javier González

Its creative director, Javier González from La Rioja, from a young age showed a great sensitivity for art and especially for fashion.

In 2008 he entered the La Rioja School of Design (ESDIR) where he began his studies in Interior Design, unleashing his passion for form and space.

As soon as she promoted herself, she decided to continue her studies in Fashion Design at the same school, and it was there that she dumped all her technical knowledge and developed her creative explosion to the maximum.

Graduated in double specialty, Javier González designs himself as a versatile and multidisciplinary creative, ready to experience all fields of design.

In 2012 he began to collaborate on some interior design, graphic design and footwear projects, until he moved to Madrid in early 2014 where he gained experience as a fashion designer after spending time with various national firms.

In 2016 he combines the development of the firm, along with the teaching of Design and the pedagogy of techniques for creative development, a project in which he continues to be immersed, after passing through the Faculty of Education of the Complutense University of Madrid.

The Anhelo FW 2018-19 collection is the presentation project of Úrde Studio, a firm with which Javier González debuts in February 2017 on the national fashion scene within the Samsung Ego catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

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